​​​​​The season has begun, contact us for a tasting and tour.  Start planning your next Crush!

When are the grapes ready?

Grapes from California arrive in Sept.
Grapes from Chile arrive in May.

You don’t have to travel to Italy or purchase expensive equipment to create your own wines. Thanks to the La Cantina Winery, you now have the unique opportunity to create your own world-class wines. A hands-on winemaking experience for the wine enthusiast!

Whether you want to share that experience with family or friends it's up to you.  One might think that 288 bottles of wine is too much.  Get a group together and make a barrel.

What is include in the COOP?

Grapes, use of professional winemaking equipment, winemaking consultation and education, 10-month wine storage, materials such as, corks, capsules and bottles.

Labels are not included.  To join the coop is a two case minimum per a couple.    

Lets make some wine

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​​Pricing may change due to market conditions? 

Please inquire in regards to vineyards and varietals.   

​Gift Certificates are available