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La Cantina Winery

Learn the Art of Traditional Italian Winemaking

Have you ever thought of becoming a winemaker?  

Do you recall childhood memories of your close relatives making wine?  

At the La Cantina Winery that can all now come true.  You will be guided

throughout the entire process, from fermentation, to aging and bottling.

With guidance from an experienced winemaker, you will be able to create

the ultimate wine that fits your palate, your budget, and your personality.

The season has begun, contact us for a tasting and tour.  
You don’t have to travel to Italy or purchase expensive equipment to create

your own wines. Thanks to the La Cantina Winery, you now have the unique

opportunity to create your own world-class wines. A hands-on winemaking

experience for the wine enthusiast!

When are the grapes ready?
Grapes from California will arrive in early October
Grapes from Chile will arrive in May.

Start planning your next Crush!

How does this work?
You will be joining a group of people who love wine, and together we will be learning the process of wine making. 

From grapes, to barrel, and bottle, you are involved in the educational and fun process of making wine.  Whether you want to share that experience with family or friends it's up to you.

Together, our wine "Co-op" will  produce 100's of bottles of wine, which we will share at the end of class.

Is the Co-op a Wine Club?

Our coop is not simply a wine club, its members are participating throughout every stage of making the wine that will ultimately be their own. To Join: A minimum of two cases (24 bottles) are reserved with a 50% deposit. Individual cases can be mixed. Payments can be mailed or accepted upon grape arrival. Grapes will be arriving in late September Our wines are produced and bottled at La Cantina Winery located in Franklin, MA. Our grapes are sourced from growers we know and trust. They provide us with exceptional fruit and are located in Suisun Valley, North Coast California which boarders Napa Valley directly

What are the Other Benefits of the Co-op?

The Co-op provides: Grapes, use of professional wine making equipment, wine making consultation and education,

12-month wine storage, as well as materials such as corks, capsules and bottles (Labels are not included).   

Want to Join the COOP?  Sign Up Here